Today, this flyer arrived in my mailbox from the Liberal party in Burnaby North – Seymour for Terry Beech: Thanks, Terry Beech!

Now I’m not a supporter of raising the minimum wage – for starters, I don’t think it should be set by the federal government – but I’m sure that more than one percent of Canadian workers are on minimum wage. So I would think that more than one percent of workers would be affected by raising the minimum wage to $15.

Here’s the percentage of workers on minimum wage in 2014 for the provinces and Canada as a whole:

of workers on minimum wage

Maybe they were supposed to send this flyer to Alberta, because that’s much more than one percent everywhere else.

Also, where are they getting the Conservatives’ eight straight deficits from? I count six deficits just going by the fiscal years for the budgets or seven if you include the two budgets in 2011. Maybe I’m just misreading it and they mean fiscal updates instead of budgets.

UPDATE: Must be an old flyer, based on earlier forecasts of a budget deficit. And I don’t understand how budget years work.

Source: Description for Chart 2 - Proportion of employees paid at the minimum wage rate by province, 2014