Mackenzie King with 2 of 3 Pats 3Pats is named after former Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King’s three dogs, all named Pat. Mackenzie King would turn to them for advice on all matters of Canada’s public policy. Even after the three Pats died, he held séances with them so that he could continue to receive their sage advice. 3Pats continues this great Canadian tradition of delivering interesting knowledge about Canada in an attractive medium.

Specifically, 3Pats a data visualization blog which was supposed to be about the 42nd Canadian election by a designer who is coincidentally named Patrick. It’s a way for me to get better at making data visualizations in D3.js, and now that the election is over I just post whatever I feel like. Hopefully you will enjoy my reading and playing with my homespun visualizations, almost as much as you might enjoy holding a séance with three dead Irish terriers.

Devoted Dog Owner: William Lyon MacKenzie King